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About Us

Shipeazi is a Ghanaian e-moving company that is transforming the moving and logistics industry. We leverage technology and a user-friendly web app to provide a streamlined, convenient, and stress-free moving and logistics experience for individuals and businesses in Ghana. Shipeazi’s platform allows you to request quotes and book your move and other logistics services entirely online, offering you a complete solution.

Experience the Shipeazi Difference:

Get the Moving and Logistics Service You Deserve

At Shipeazi, we believe a smooth moving and logistics experience shouldn't be a luxury. That's why we've built a customer-centric approach focused on providing you with the service you deserve.

Redefining the Removal Experience for Movers: Welcome to Shipeazi

Moving shouldn't be an ordeal. Here at Shipeazi, we're redefining the removal experience for movers in Ghana by offering a streamlined, tech-driven, and customer-focused approach. Traditionally, removals have been synonymous with stress, hidden fees, and a lack of transparency. Shipeazi cuts through the clutter, offering: Effortless Online Booking, Pricing Transparency, Expert Partner Network, and Comprehensive Solutions. We understand that moving in Ghana comes with unique considerations. Our team is based locally, and we're passionate about providing exceptional service tailored to the needs of our Ghanaian and international customers.

What we do

At Shipeazi, we're revolutionizing the moving experience in Ghana. We go beyond traditional removal services, offering a streamlined, tech-driven, and customer-centric approach to ensure your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Building a Better Future, Together: Our 1% for Hunger Initiative

At Shipeazi, we believe in moving forward not just for our customers, but for our entire community. That's why we're proud to introduce 1% for Hunger, a dedicated initiative where we donate 1% of our earnings to support vital hunger relief projects in Ghana.

Hunger is a complex issue, but its impact on individuals, families, and communities is undeniable. Through 1% for Hunger, we aim to make a positive difference by:

  • Partnering with reputable charities focused on hunger relief in Ghana.
  • Supporting sustainable food security initiatives that empower communities.
  • Contributing to programs that provide access to healthy and nutritious meals for those in need.

Every move you make with Shipeazi contributes to a brighter future. By choosing Shipeazi, you're not only ensuring a smooth relocation, but you're also helping us fight hunger in our communities.

Together, we can move forward and build a better tomorrow.

Our Core Values


At Shipeazi, diligence means we work tirelessly to deliver high-quality results. We're dedicated, meticulous, and persistent in our efforts, ensuring every detail is taken care of.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our team is committed to continuous improvement, innovation, and exceeding customer expectations.


Trust is the foundation of our relationships. We build trust through transparency, reliability, and keeping our promises. Our customers and partners can count on us to deliver.


Collaboration is at the heart of our success. We work together as a team, share ideas, and support each other to achieve common goals. We believe that together, we can achieve more.

Our Promise:

Move with Confidence. Trust us to handle your move with care, precision, and excellence.